NO! Not your ‘X’s car! 

That’s just a waste of your time, and your ‘X’ will know it was you anyway.
Trash something you both shared.
Why in the world do I suggest this, and then act like it’s a good thing?
Because, I just trashed something else that was ours back when my ‘X’ and I were married and it felt fabulous!
Believe it or not, after almost seven years of being separated, I just finally threw away my cordless phone.
Why didn’t I throw it away sooner? I’m not sure, I guess I didn’t realize I still had it!

That makes me laugh out loud! 
What’s even more funny, is that the old numbers of locals (back then it was another state!) were still saved in memory!

Want to have a Fun Friday?
 Share with me what you threw out of your’s when you were married
 and  felt good doing! 
(No stories about Wedding Dresses or Rings please-those make me sad.)

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