Time Goes By Too Slow After Divorce

Posted: March 21, 2012 in divorce, healing


I used to think that time was my enemy.
Tick-tock, tick-tocktick….tock.
The seconds, minutes and hours continuously counting down… pressuring me to make a decision, accomplish something or be somewhere. I was constantly in a race to get to where I wanted to be; literally and figuratively.
But, after my divorce, I noticed that time could also work in the opposite way as well.
When we are waiting in line for something, most of us feel that the time just doesn’t pass by quick enough… When we’re in pain, it always feels like the time will never pass…
One night, after my divorce, I felt triumphant, though still hopeless.
I had done it! I had divorced my husband. I had gone back to work after being a stay at home mom for two years. I had successfully made it through a twelve month legal battle and I was happy!

So why was so uneasy?
Because, I felt like the clock of life was going too fast. I had no idea what was next…but that clock kept ticking. Going too slow to erase the pain, but too fast for me to catch up on life’s plans.
That was over six years ago and to look back and think about it now seems silly to worry about today…
So, here I am; it is March of 2012 and it I realized now that time was never the enemy… always my friend…and a true gift. Time was a tool; patience and faith the key.
I’m right where I’m supposed to be, and although difficult, it’s been a glorious journey.
I was eager for results and too quickly wanted to arrive somewhere..
But I see that when we are patient, we give ourselves the necessary opportunities and experiences we require, to become who we are meant to be… as well as where we are meant to be…
Our destiny, if you will.
So, after your divorce, don’t be pressured by the tick-tick-tock of the clock. Be thankful you have that extra time to heal, make choices,  change your mind, grow as a person, or fix a mistake.

Time really is on your side…

Be thankful that you have that extra time to say you’re sorry, change your mind, grow as a person or fix a mistake.
  1. I like the way you write. I am in process of divorce, and it is seeming to go too slowly now! But I guess that is because I don’t know how it will end up and I am anxious to know. Look forward to reading more of your writings! I am blogging my experience also, and in single parenting my two toddlers.

    • Thank you for stopping by and reading Divorce Dazed. I appreciate it. I am glad that this helped you a little. It’s always hard to imagine that life in the future toay will not be as difficult as today…but I promise it will get better. I used to have a memo printed on my checks after my divorce that said ‘today is not forever’. Have faith, things do get better.

  2. This was written in 2012 and i’m reading it now as I will be going through a divorce soon. Maybe be in few months. I am from India, from a family where divorce is still looked down on. I am 26 and blindly fell in love and got married two years back. Got to know on day 3 of wedding that he doesn’t love me. So I’ve moved back with my parents who’ve been very supportive. I am at a stage where even trusting another man has become difficult. I hope it gets better. I feel like a failure and i hope it changes over time. I just felt like telling you this.

    Thanks for writing such wonderful posts. Wish to read more.

    • Thanks so much for your note Kavya. I hope that since you left your comment, you are getting along on your new journey positively. I understand exactly what you are saying about trust. This is definitely something that will take time, but it can/will happen again. Thanks for visiting and reading, and I wish you all the best.

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