A Teen Novel, Inspired by Divorce?

Posted: March 5, 2012 in divorce
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A Teen Novel, Inspired by Divorce?

My teen came to me this week and shared a book she was reading.

Lauren Olivedr’s, Delirium.

Yep, sounds like love…

As she told me the premise of the book, I was shocked.

It’s about how everyone has to get a ‘shot’ before they fall in love; to prevent them from doing so!

And before this one girl can get the shot, (yep-you romantic-hopeful’s guessed it), she falls…

Well, the story has twists and turns…and the ending nearly crushed my daughter!

(Apparently it’s a good book.) It reminded me of when I was getting divorced, I thought that love and marriage were an epidemic to stay away from….

Read the book, to see how it ends….


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