Divorce Filing Announcements/Separations This Year

Posted: February 21, 2012 in divorce, marriage
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There have been a number of celebrity divorce/separation announcements since january 1st!

No, I don’t know Kenny G. personally, but I walked down a grassy green wedding isle, in my ‘X’-inlaws yard to his music, a long time ago. I appreciate his music and always will, likewise we always want the best for those we appreciate. I am sad to hear this news.

As I am always quite saddened to hear the news of so many divorces happening, whether they are neighbors or celebrities, it always seems heart breaking.

Here is a list of Celebrity Divorce and Separation Announcements since January 1st:
(I’m sure there are more, which I have not found/caught up with yet.)
Kim Kardashian
Senaed Oconnor (twice?)
I don’t know which is worse, thinking they were happy, knowing they were happy and now they’re not, or seeing them not make it through…
At any rate it’s sad.

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