Boycott Valentine’s Day!

Posted: February 8, 2012 in divorce, healing
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During my divorce it seemed Valentines was a wasted holiday, stupid actually.
I thought to myself: Flower prices are hiked up, dinner reservations are impossible to get and the pressure to have a Valentine, or Be One, is incredibly annoying.
It made me want to boycott Valentine’s Day altogether.
But, that’s a little extreme. Just because I didn’t have a mate, didn’t mean I had to hate the #1 Day of Love.
Instead, I decided to view V-Day differently. Instead of focusing on the fact that I didn’t have anything to celebrate…I chose to focus on the meaning behind the day itself…expressing love.
As much as the mushy day seems quite focused on couples, it really is a day to celebrate Love in general. That can be any love. Love with your children, love with your family, love for your friends…and the one we tend to forget about most…ourselves!
Happy Valentine’s to You. Celebrate yourself, the strides you’ve made, the life you are building and the future that is yours.
This Valentine’s Day, don’t boycott the day, just celebrate it a different way.
Do something for you! You deserve it! Most importantly, you deserve Self-Love.

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