Does Drinking Together Make A Marriage Last?

Posted: February 1, 2012 in divorce, marriage
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Remember t-shirts like this one? These shirt’s made jokes out of the fact that people looked better after we’d had a few. They are pretty funny actually and it’s true, alcohol can change a person’s perception, as well as drop their inhibitions…so, I suppose this could be good for marriages, right?

I know some married couples who have nightly cocktails together. It’s their routine of winding down and it’s also occasionally part of their date nights as well, when they ‘go out for a few’.

I’ve often wondered, like the shirt states, can a few drinks make anything look attractive?

Including our marriage?

I cannot answer that myself because once my ‘X’ and I were married with children, we drank very little. If we did drink, it was once in a blue moon and/or at the annual company Christmas party. So, for me, I will never know if ‘having a few’ would’ve made my marriage look better (or last).

If it does work for some, that is all well and good. But, I have to wonder…

What about when the couple is still married twenty, thirty or fifty years later, and maybe they’re not drinking anymore…and suddenly they wake up one day wondering how the hell they lived with that bleepity-bleep-bleep for so long.

I’m assuming that that if ‘issues’ that are present in a marriage are never death with, won’t the problems still be there later on in life?

I also have to wonder if the few cocktails they shared, and which helped them to clear their minds, becomes a neverending ritual of ‘not dealing with it’.

I still don’t know the answer to this question and I’m truly looking for insight and reflection on this.

So, I’d like to ask readers:
Do most married couples benefit from enjoying a drink together frequently because it helps them relax and tolerate the tough times (including their mates shortcomings) into which it preserves the length of the relationship….

Or, is this a habit that promotes postponing the inevitable?

I loved this blog post from a fellow blogger. The bravery she had to put out there that she does her evening glass, and  has set a goal to give up her nightly routine of it for 30 days.  Albeit it’s for her self and not her marriage, I just wanted to share this post because I admire her frankness and courage.
Alcohol…the cure, the bandaid, or the sword?

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