Update on the Book I’m Reading: A Year and Six Seconds

Posted: January 25, 2012 in divorce, healing, marriage
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Recently, I wrote a post about a book I was reading by Isabel Gillies (who plays Kathy Stabler on L&O: SVU).

In What’s Your Divorce Story?, I described how Gillies’ divorce is quite different from my own, and after finishing the book, I still have to agree.

 All except for the Kelly Clarkson song, ‘Since You Been Gone’.

               That one was right on!

Lighthearted throughout most of her book, she chronicles her journey through the rebuilding process:

  • moving out of her dream home in Ohio 
    • moving in with her parents in NYC 
      • getting the kids into school…

She bares her soul and discusses her hopes:

  •  her husband will come and ask her to come home
    •  or…her friends will hook her up with a hunk
      •  she will re-marry and live happily ever after…

She shares her feelings:

  •  heartache
    • pain
      • confusion

Sounds like divorce alright.

We all have our own break-up story. Each one more intricate than the next. I found it extremely eye opening to view someone else’s divorce so intimately.

She states the divorce left behind ‘a bloody hole’….

Though Isabel’s path was different from my own…it seemed many of the emotions and hurdles afterwards, were the same.

Read A Year and Six Seconds if you are looking for someone to commiserate with, hope with, and cheer on, because she doesn’t hold anything back, and she doesn’t apologize for it. And though the ending is somewhat bittersweet, I enjoyed this book and think she is one brave woman.


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