Are You Ready For Court?

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Intro

Personally, I certainly was not ready for court.

I was a mess.

I was mad, I was scared. I felt guilty and clueless. I didn’t know where to start and always focused on the moment at hand (including the feelings) rather than looking ahead.

More than once I found myself inside the court for my divorce, and many more times I found myself facing attorneys and my ‘X’ and not always knowing how to clearly explain what I wanted to say.

It seemed too difficult and frustrating to get my thoughts together, remain focused and keep myself from crying, jumping over the table and strangling someone, or screaming out loud, ‘I hate you all!’.

After a few outrageous moments (out of court-thank goodness) I found that I was just too close to the ‘subject at hand’ to get my thoughts out successfully. The emotional connection to the marriage, the divorce and the kids, was enough to impede all, and anything, I had to say.

It took lots of time, and many suggestions from others, for me to learn the ropes of ‘legal’ battles.

If you are about to venture into the courtroom for a divorce, or are planning to go back to court, contact me.

I can help you quickly learn how to more effectively communicate your intentions, and desires, so that your attorney will know what to fight for, the judge will be more apt to listen, and your soon to be ‘X’ will be more inclined to cooperate.

Whether you are representing yourself during the divorce proceedings or have an attorney, contact me to:

  • Learn how to improve your communication under stress
  • Focus more on what the court cares about so you get your desires met
  • Get assistance writing up formal letters to the court and reviewing those you will be submitting
  • Reviewing your potential custody arrangements for weaknesses which could cause future problems

Your divorce is one thing you never want to do alone.


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