Could Friday the 13th Be Your Lucky Day?

Posted: January 13, 2012 in divorce
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I have met many people who absolutely dread this day, and just mentioning ‘Friday the 13th’ sends shivers up their spines.

As a child I was very superstitious. Maybe it’s because I watched ‘My Bloody Valentine’, ‘Happy Birthday to Me’,  ‘Halloween’ and our pal Jason, more than a few times as a child….or I suspect it could be because when I was in the third grade I dropped a small pocket mirror in class. It shattered of course, and soon after my parents divorced, and according to me, my life sucked for ummm… about the next thirteen years.

Creepy? A little…it haunted me for my entire childhood and teen years.

Though, now, I am no longer superstitious. (Maybe except for the knock-on-wood thing; hey, it hasn’t done me wrong yet.)

I suppose I no longer stress out over superstitions because in my life I have experienced my share of ‘bad luck’, so I simply just embrace whatever comes, realizing that there’s no rhyme or reason (or specific date for that matter) which bad karma represents itself.

Ironically,  Friday the 13th has actually become my favorite day, if not my Lucky Day!
I cannot tell you how many times I have had the most outstanding luck on this supposedly haunted day.
Including, one wicked-hot summer day, when I had to leave my family on our first annual camping trip, to drive back home to go to trial. It would be the first day of a two-day-long battle with my ‘X’ for custody of our children.

When I walked into courthouse, I could barely stand still, I was shaking so hard. I had no idea how it would all play out. But, by the time I rounded the corner of the hallway, and reached the lobby outside the courtroom, I met the eyes of at least seven outstanding people…they were waiting for me and were the teachers and our doctor, and were all there to support me and my children.

It took three months to find out the results of that trial, but when the final word from the judge came in it truly reminded me, that I would never have anything to fear on Friday the 13th. It was, and would forever be my luckiest day!

Check out these links for a few  Friday the 13th Facts and Superstitions from Fox 8 NY.

For a few more superstitions check this out!

Happy Friday the 13th!
May it be Your Lucky Day!

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