Update on Divorce No-No’s

Posted: January 11, 2012 in divorce, healing
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(For those of you who are interested in the archives and the additional pages mentioned here today that are not yet listed  in this blog on WP, please visit: Divorce Dazed)

There are many a things to be done after divorce, though there are probably many more we should not do, but we do anyways. And, all too often, we tend to learn our lesson after it’s been a while, i.e.; when it’s too late.Here is a page on Divorce Dazed which I’ve updated a bit.

This information can be reached in the future by clicking on the Divorce Don’ts tab

Divorce Don’ts 

(By the way, no matter how much it seems….nothing on this list will make the divorce better…hence why it’s successfully made it to the No-No list.)

Healthy Divorcee’s say ‘No’ to the following:
  • Blaming your ‘X’
  • Blaming yourself
  • Dating too soon (for starters-before the divorce is final, is too soon)
  • Dating online
  • Re-marrying too soon (especially to someone you met online)
  • Destroying old photos (you will regret this and your kids may hate you for it)
  • Badmouthing your X to your children (if you have them-the kids will hate this also)
  • Starting every sentence with ‘my X’ when talking to friends (you’re hurt, we get it, now get over it, nobody wants to hear the broken record)
  • Searching for a pill or drink that will numb the pain or loneliness you feel (this won”t make it go away, it just creates a whole new problem)
Yes, divorce is ugly and makes you want to get over it A.S.A.P. and with minimal damage.
It is possible, but it’s not easy.

Visit some other posts here on Divorce Dazed, and try to find solace in the fact that many of us have been in the same boat….Divorce is no picnic, for sure.
But the good news is, as time passes, so will the pain…The sun truly will shine again.

Many wonderful opportunities come to us disguised as bad events.
Don’t lose hope.

~’Just when the caterpillar thought that the world was over, he became a butterfly.’~ proverb

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