What’s Your Divorce Story?

Posted: January 9, 2012 in divorce, healing, marriage

I am currently reading a book called ‘A Year and Six Seconds’ by Isabel Gillies.

For those of you who are Law & Order: Special Victims Unit  fans, she is actually the woman who plays Detective Stabler’s wife.

Very intriguing, yet quite funny at times, Isabel recounts her divorce, the roller coaster that proceeds it and the steps she takes to get back to normal with her two young sons.

Her story is very different from my own, but I think that is what it makes the book so interesting. While she is a woman and mother like me, she was divorced by her cheating husband, and was not the divorcee like I was. There are many other differences, including the fact that she was an actress, who had to pretend on camera that she and her husband were divorcing, at the same time that her and her real husband were actually divorcing…wow…if that isn’t tough…but, it must have lent easy tears for the part.

A beautifully written, humorous story, about real-life divorce and the struggle a mother goes through.

I’ve taken note that the subtitle to the book is: ‘A Love Story’. I haven’t quite reached that part yet, but it seems that there’s a happy ending after these large clouds pass….

Isn’t that what we all look forward to?

The silver lining….?

I hope she gets it.

If you were to write about your divorce, what would you name your book?

My divorce title would be: Life Goes On

(The title of Gillies’ book means something, to find out what it is, check out the book.)


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