What We Can Learn From Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Intro

After divorce we can all usually look back and see a few things we could have done differently, or a couple of red flags that we ignored.

It’s all bad…
But when you are in the ‘honeymoon phase’ you don’t always see them…and often choose to ignore them.

Seems to me that Kim and Kris are probably at this pass, where they look back and say, ‘what was I thinking?’.

The top 3 things I think they did wrong?

1. They didn’t live together first (how do you truly know somebody if you don’t?)
2. They let Kim’s little sister and child live under the same roof as them. (This is right up there with working with relatives and most companies have policies against it, for a reason!) I mean they were newlyweds coming home to her sister and baby living with them…I don’t think that is a good idea for any newlyweds.
3. They didn’t call it quits prior to walking down the aisle (for ‘whatever’ reason).

The one thing they did right?

***Get Divorced!***

Now, if someone would just cancel their show so they can get on with their lives.

What did you do in your honeymoon phase which you now know was a mistake? Did you see any red flags?


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