Will Divorce Dazed Continue??

Posted: October 31, 2011 in divorce, marriage

Last Week….
I wrote about getting re-married and how it has prompted  people to approach me regarding the continuation of this blog…..

The #1 Question I Was Asked:
‘Should you still be writing a divorce blog, even though you’re getting re-married…?’
I decided to ask readers to share their thoughts with me…
The responses have been interesting.

Some of the answers I received:
“No. Why would you want to continue to live in the past?”
“Well you aren’t divorced anymore, so I’m not really sure you can relate.”
“What would you teach people who are divorced now that you’re married again?”
“I’m not sure it matters, you’ve been divorced before so I guess you can still write about it.”
As much as I wish it were not true…I am divorced. I have been for five years..

It will always be part of my past life experiences. Society (most of it anyways) will always view me as ‘divorced’…It even says so on my new marriage certificate…The fact that I was divorced will never change, and I can’t pretend it didn’t happen.
I’ve had a fair share of turbulence after my divorce and and as long as divorce is still legal, and people are still imperfect, divorces will continue to happen and we will all require emotional support to heal and move on.
I’ve taken every one’s questions and comments into consideration and here are some of my thoughts:
Some of you are right, I do have to remember about the past to write Divorce Dazed. Though, if I’m stuck remembering it anyhow, but I’m healthier in the present…why not use the good stuff to help others get to the same place….?
I agree also, I have a new marriage to think about. Though a reminder,  divorce does not end because a new marriage begins. It’s not over after the ink dries in court on D. Day and doesn’t disappear with a new relationship. (But I can say that rethinking my previous marriage often helps me in my new marriage.)
So, I don’t actually consider blogging about divorce ‘living in the past’..I consider it contributing positively to the future.
Life after divorce is a renewing process…a continuing learning experience, and has a lot more to do with ourselves as people, than our previous marriages and ‘X’ spouses.
Throughout the beginning stages of my divorce, even until now, I’ve always felt that sound, healthy, divorce  advice is scarce …and I would like to think  Divorce Dazed offers what the web is lacking when it comes to guiding divorcee’s to success. (Which is why I started blogging D.D.)
Bottom line? I am not letting re-marriage stop me from sharing with others what I went through and how I learned from it….and eventually how it changed my life for the better.
So, Yes, I will still be writing Divorce Dazed and I hope you will continue to join me!

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