Time for a Change

Posted: September 23, 2011 in divorce, healing
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It’s the first day of Fall and not everyone is happy about it.
Fall brings change, and not everyone likes change.
I understand.
Leaves turn brown and fall off trees, leaving them bare and unattractive. Flowers wither away and die, making gardens and roadsides bland. Summer shops and activities close down, leaving patrons searching for other sources of fun…It’s not pretty.
Divorce can force changes on us too… and I know first hand that it’s never pretty.
We might have to move, change jobs, share custody of children, look in the mirror at who we are, and re-evaluate everything we’ve ever thought.
But, while these changes don’t always feel good, they actually can be. Too often we focus on the negative aspects of things; desperate for summer to stay and in denial about saying goodbye to our marriage, we can miss the beauty of the present.
Fall gives us fresh, clean, cool air, and sounds and smells we cannot experience at any other time of the year. It also offers us beautiful colors, and exciting festivities which can bring us happiness…
Likewise, divorce can give us new things to look forward to, like strength, opportunity and freedom.
It’s not all bad.
We just need to stop, let go of what was, and we might be able to appreciate what is, and what could be.
We can’t control the seasons, the weather or the past…but we control our view of it.
Change as a gift, try to see it as that.

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