$ For Your Rings

Posted: September 12, 2011 in divorce

So what do you do with your rings after the divorce?

Most people don’t end up keeping the rings. They either need the money or prefer not to keep the memory of the marriage around.

Most divorcee’s try hocking their old engagement or wedding rings to pawn shops or they return to the jewelry store where it was purchased and see if they will buy it back. Many walk away with the rings still in hand because these places do not pay much.

Craigslist and Ebay are other options for selling them, but if you’ve never sold on Ebay it might be a little tedious to get an account set up, etc. and Craigslist (in my personal opinion) doesn’t seem like the safest option.

I did a little research.

Here are some recommendations:

I’ve found that gold buyers seem to pay a pretty penny for jewelry, though they usually just want the gold (not all those extra stones), and besides auctioneers or private-sale, there is a website called I Do Now I Don’t and it seems like a great option.

The site was started by a guy who had a broken engagment and couldn’t get what he thought the engagment ring was worth when he tried to sell it.

Good luck.


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