Divorces From 9/11/01

Posted: September 9, 2011 in divorce


What does divorce have to do with the events of September 11th?

Well, according to popular belief, it would be that married couples who were already miserable in their marriages, would suddenly realize that their time on Earth might be shorter than they thought, so without further delay, would file for divorce from their long-time spouse.


The traumatic event thrust couples into marriage because of the deep emotion and fear it stirred up, and they would all end up divorced in just a few short years.

While there may be some small truth to both of these, I looked them up, and most seemed to be urban legends, and without a significant amount of proof behind them.

There’s a multitude of remembrance events going on in the U.S. because this year marks the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Overwhelmed by the amount of different ways/times that people are ‘remembering’, I’ve been wondering how I can raise more awareness about the victims with my blogs.

Rather then telling my story of where I was, what I was thinking, etc., (because that seems to be much of what people are talking about), instad I’d like to dedicate each of my blogs today to honoring those people directly affected by the tragedy.

It was extremely difficult to find ‘divorce and terror attacks‘ in the same sentence, but eventually, I came across this story of not one, not two, but several New York Firefighters who decided to leave their wives (and families) to marry the widowed women of their fellow fallen firefighters.

Sound bizarre?

I thought so too.

What a shock. Your husband goes out to work and fights fires in the largest terror attack on the U.S. and  he survives, while many others perish…you feel lucky and relieved.

But soon after the event, you become a widow anyhow…and not because he died, but because he divorced you for his deceased partner’s widow.

It just seems unthinkable.

But apparently it’s not so uncommon. Some consider it acts of pity, some claim it was greed (some widows gained large sums of money as a result of their husbands’ deaths), some say it was a result of the living firefighters feeling guilty for surviving and so they felt responsible for the families left behind by their deceased parnter…and one white-page study says that the new love relationship was possibly confused for a real love relationship, because of the time and emotions involved while consoling one another.

It’s impossible to imagine how deep the WTC Terror Attack actually cuts…and how wide spread it is…

In remembrance of September 11th’s victims, please visit these sites which benefit, educate and support not only the families of the tragedy, but provide hope and a positive future for our nation.

May we someday have Peace.

Thank you.


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