Kick that Email Address to the Curb!

Posted: August 24, 2011 in divorce




When you were married to your ‘X’ did you two have a cutesy little email address which had a ‘Bennifer’ likeness? Or, maybe it was like TomKat or Brangelina….

Your name + his name = a new email address.

Maybe you name is Betsy and his name is Tom, so your email address became

Or, your name is Rachel and his is Jerry and your email is

These are completely made up email addresses, but when I was married, we also had an email which was a combination of our names and our kids’ names…and maybe there was a year after it as well, I don’t recall.

Either way, after the divorce, I changed mine to my reflect my own name only.

It’s possible that you might be holding onto a joint-name-email address because it isn’t that obvious it’s yours and your spouses names…it could just be each of your initials + your anniversary date.

Fine, I get it, there’s sentimental value and hey, nobody really knows what it stands for anyways….

Well, think about this… all of your friends, family and co-workers probably know it’s yours and your ‘X’s names in combination…annnnnnd….

It’s baggage. Yes, it’s baggage. The relationship is over, so that email address has got to go.

Each time you send or receive an email you will be torturing yourself. And like me, I am sure you are inundated with junk-email-blasts hundreds of times a day.

So, there’s no sense in reliving the past every time you get spammed.
It’s OVER! Start fresh! Send that email address to cyber heaven and MOVE ON!








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