I Wonder Sometimes About Divorce Bloggers

Posted: August 17, 2011 in divorce, healing
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I Wonder Sometimes About Divorce Bloggers

This weekend I decided to (once again) look for some inspiring divorce blogs to share with you. To no avail…I found nothing.
Nothing I’d want anyone to read on a regular basis, nor anything you should be reading if you’re divorced.
They are a perfect example of how ‘not to move on after divorce’. I can only hope they have by now, will soon.
The things that I wonder about negative divorce bloggers is :
A) What possesses them to do this?
B) What do they think they will gain?
C) Don’t they understand that negative venting is hurting them?
True, most divorcees are bitter…I have not met many who (newly split) are not.
They will walk around bitching about their ‘X’ (and in some cases the ‘X’ is that much of a *#@! ) but… instead of moving on they stay in negative fog.
Don’t they understand this is not the way to get on with their life???
I started my Divorce Dazed blog because after a divorce we can seem out of sync with ourselves and life. And it takes a while to get back into the swing of things.
I wanted to share the thoughts and actions that helped me through my mess.

And I hope it helps someone else.

Here is an example of a blog I found: (I have included the link if you really want to visit it…I don’t recommend staying there…as I hope she won’t either).

Diary of My Divorce -In a nutshell, I married Rick Kelso, he cheated on me, hit me and took the car with him leaving me stranded and to fend for myself while I had cancer and needed him the most. I spent most of my adult life on him and all I got was this stupid computer. It all started… 
 (And that is just the tagline-Yikes)

If you ever notice that Divorce Dazed isn’t positive, tell me, because I want to be a helper in your healing…not an enabler in your *!@#-Fest.



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