Happily Divorced

Posted: August 5, 2011 in divorce

On Divorce Dazed I often highlight topics regarding the recovery process of divorce and the rough roads we must travel.
Though, on Friday’s, I like to take a break from that serious stuff, and have a little fun.

This leads me to today’s thoughts…..

Not everyone is devastated at the thought of getting divorced.

Some are happy….
Elated even!

Though it is not always an overnight realization. I still imagine there are plenty of husbands and wives eager to be free of their spouses. Released from stress, the fighting and tug-of-wars.

After my divorce was finalized I was thrilled!

I’d finally rid myself of someone who shared absolutely none of the same values as me, I was rid of his strong, and occasionally overbearing personality. I was looking forward to gaining my own voice again and being myself.

Many long, turbulent years can add up to a  mega amount of stress and unhappiness .

But divorce can add relief.

Here is how I showed my satisfaction at going solo…

I bought a T-Shirt (I actually bought 2).

T-Shirt #1 said ‘Barbie Loves Dumped Ken’.)

I left my ‘X’ in 2005, and finalized it a year later in 2006 (and not for a surfer-dude like they said Barbie did-I did it for me and the well-being of my families future).

The T-Shirt was fitting because nobody in our circle knew that we had problems, so much that they all fell off their chair when I told them we were divorcing. They’d considered us the cutest couple, making everyone sick while always saying ‘I love you’ on the phone, and in public, always with a fashionable kiss. We’d also made great partners parenting our children in public as well…Never (or extremely rarely) would argue in front of anyone.

Out of our 10 year marriage we had but only 2 or 3 major arguments in front of friends/relatives. Though behind the scenes it was different.

If you are happy about your divorce, don’t worry what other people think or say, go grab a T-Shirt and tell the world!

T-Shirt #2

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