The 40 Year Old Version

Posted: July 29, 2011 in divorce, marriage

Divorce isn’t funny.


Actually, it’s very painful….


But I love humor..I’ve always loved humor… and sometimes, if I don’t let myself laugh- I will be sure to cry.


I find that humor helps lighten the mood in many situations and occassionally helps us forget, if not just for a fleeting moment, the major troubles and sadness in our lives.


Being divorced can suck.


Being divorced with children can suck more.


I might be a woman (i.e.; The ‘X’ ‘Wife‘) and according to some, I probably ought to be against the ‘Other Guys’, but I’m not.


They’re dealing with this crap too and everyone deserves a moment of relief.


It’s not only Her fault…nor is it only His


So, today I’m sharing something for the guys. (You ladies might find some laughs here too…and maybe a little insight too.)


Check out this book, The 40 Year-Old-Version  by Joel Schwartzberg…


Funny…but Real, even the title is hilarious!


Again, Divorce=not funny….


A Laugh=theraputic….





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