You Could Be Happier

Posted: July 22, 2011 in divorce, healing, marriage

Not everyone’s divorce is a happy one. 

Though I find that if both members do their best to be positive and keep 

friends close who support them…They can someday be very happy.

I came across this divorce poem on the internet 

(and yes, somewhere I think there are greeting cards for divorce)

But I thought I’d share it…

You appeared so very happy
The day you made that vow
But I have noted one thing
You seem much happier now.
For better or for worse,
You had the worse ..of course
So this is just to wish for you
A jubilant divorce

                                                            – by Marjie ( Bunnikins) c 2006 

 When two people divorce it can be a sad thing. Not everyone is celebrating at a time like this, but think of it this way- 

Gone will be the days of not connecting, not understanding and not being that happy couple you’d always dreamed you’d be.

If you’re divorce did not make you happy…I am sorry…but some day and after some time passes,

you will find peace and contentedness again.




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